Looking through long lost pictures
My God
The look
Her eyes
The way she looked at me
Truly loved me
The real thing
Or as close as a woman can get
It hurts
Remembering that love
I loved her so much
Wanted nothing else
But memory fades
Only a picture
Can bring it back
Memories so strong
What happened?
How did we lose that?

There was no single day
No moment
But little by little
Love ebbed away
A disappointment here
A bit of proof there
Realizing the other
Fell short of the ideal

No longer the little gestures
The little notes
The joy
Even the memory
Until all that remains
A dusty picture in a shoebox
Of once upon a time
No one else would even care
Old picture
Window to the lost past
Shining the dim light
Of that past love
Into the dark corners
Of my heart
To hurt
Lost Time, Youth
Lost Love