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In The End

It’s not the last words or moments of a life and relationship that count. It’s the full length. How we lived. The balance of the full time we spent

Endorphin Overload

We liked thrills Her and I Rough sex All morning Me chocking her Then off To sky dive First time for her And me for a while Exhilaration Back on the ground Endorphins up As I drive us Through the farm fields To town I pull over To the side With a flick of my head She...

Our Good Friend Molly

Twinge of fear At first Will this damage Fuck it We drop 30 minutes Nothing At the event Look In the men’s room mirror My pupils Big as saucers It begins Pleasure Happiness The pure joy of touch The pure feel of music Throughout the body Affinity towards...

Cocaine Kisses

Such full lips Plump sweetness Pure femininity Pressed Into mine The sweet after taste Of girl Sex And cocaine All wrapped together With her lips Into our kiss Goodbye