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Chemically imbalanced
But still has the swings
Higher ups and lower lows
“who’s going to want to be
With somebody like this?”
She despairs
I turn away
She’s right


is something you do to yourself
in your thoughts
thinking of the other
you build a character
you love the character
in your head
the oxytocin does the rest


“At 18 you were practically a virgin
When we met”
I said
“You turned me
Into the nymph I am today”
She said
And she was right

What She Wants

“I want a husband” she said
“I can’t settle down” I replied
And she puts her hand
On my cock
As we start to kiss


Her bratiness is an
Opportunity to demonstrate
My strength

You Can’t Take It with You (My Letter to Gramps)

Knowing the end was near
I wrote my favorite
Grandfather a letter
Sharing all the love
From a lifetime of highlights
Two years later
After his funeral
I found the letter
At the top of his top drawer
“ it meant so much to him”
said grandma
I am forever grateful
I took the time
To Share when I felt
After he was gone
The letter remained
Stark reminder
We take nothing with us

Cancel the future

All That Love Is

The more the years go by

The more girls I’m with

The more I realize

That love is merely

The pair bonding

Of youth