Sebastian Stark lives a life of intensity. A life of doing, exploration, pleasure, pain, loss, and connection. A life fully lived. That selfsame spirit, boldness, and masculinity are interwoven threads in his poetry.

His writing captures vignettes from these peak and valley experiences of this journey. Truths that most leave unshared, unsaid, unacknowledged, or even unexperienced.

Sebastian writes to capture the human condition, in his attempt to master it. This collection tracks a life of actualized aspiration and striving, as well as the dark side of sex, love, and loss that is the ever present background to life.

At the time of this publishing Sebastian is moving from San Francisco to New York to begin his next transition. He is a published author, guest lecturer, executive, and former athlete.

You can follow him on Instagram at: sebastianstarkpoetry

Sebastian Stark